Monday, September 26, 2011

Coupon Trip!

That's roughly $45 worth of product for under $13

I love CVS. Yesterday was an AWESOME trip! I'm going back tomorrow because they didn't have the Thermacare Heat Wraps I wanted (which are FREE after Extra Care Bucks).

I was the annoying person at the checkout that did 3 separate transactions so I could "roll" the Extra Care Bucks from one transaction to the next. I also had the plan change at the last minute because they were out of two products I wanted...

Anyway, here's what I did:

ReNu Sensitive Contact Solution  Priced at $8.99 ($1 off) and I printed a $2 off coupon. Final Price: $6.99 with $7.00 ECB

SoftSoap Body Wash Priced at $3.00 ($1.49 off) and used $1 off coupon Final Price: $2
SoftSoap Bar Soap Priced at $3.00 ($1.29 off) and used $.50 off coupon Final Price: $2.50
Schick Quattro for Women Priced at $8.99 ($1.50 off) and used $2 off coupon Final Price: $6.99
Use $7 in ECB from #1
Paid: $4.85
Receive $8 in ECB (4 from buying 2 SoftSoap products and 4 from the razor)

Pantene Conditioner Priced at $3.49 ($1.50 off)
Pantene Shampoo Priced at $3.48 ($1.51 off) and used $3 off 2 Pantene products 
Colgate Toothpaste Priced at $2.99 ($1 off) no coupon used (my bad...)
Pack of gum $1.49 (to boost it over $8 so I could use both ECB)
Paid: $.49 
Receive $2 in ECB ($1 each for 2 Pantene products and the toothpaste)

That was my trip! Now, if you don't wear contacts I'd recommend doing it like this: (assuming you have your coupons from yesterday only as well)

SoftSoap products with coupons
Pantene products with  coupons
Pay $8.50
$5 ECB

Razor (yes, men, you can use a "for women"'s just pink)
 Use ECB and pay $1.99
Get $4 in ECB

Thermacare (priced at $3.50)
Use ECB and pay $2.49
Get $4.49 in ECB for next week

Total out of pocket for THAT trip: $12.98 

What are you waiting for?? GO SHOP!!


  1. So you dont buy them all in 1 transaction? I feel like this is so confusing...

  2. Go here:

    She has a CVS 101 tab and explains it. Rolling the ECB makes the trip so much cheaper. You can save them...but I would have paid like $30 out of pocket for that trip. That's money I just don't have.

  3. huh...I always wondered where the step by step couponing for dummy instructions were...

    I went to kroger and forgot my coupons, but still managed to save 25%!!!!



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