Thursday, September 15, 2011

Help for the busy...and hungry!

Recently I did a Clean Eating Challenge on my Fitness Page. The turnout was GREAT!

I had a few people ask for help in the way of their eating...
1) Any clean eating tips for a traveler?
2) I need lunch inspiration! Fast and easy and vegetarian (or vegan.)...
3) I need something quick and healthy I can eat while at school. I snack on fruit during the day and try to get enough calories for lunch but I always wind up STARVING by 5pm...

I took these as a personal challenge. I've come up with a few ideas and encourage you to add your own to help these wonderful ladies!

1) Hummus! Personally, I love the stuff. It's really easy to make. I buy a can of chickpeas (garbanzo beans), drain them (reserve the liquid) and pour into a blender or food processor. I add roasted red pepper or sun-dried tomatoes (or have it plain) and start blending. You can add olive oil (healthy fats!) or the liquid from the can until it blends smoothly. I add salt, garlic powder, cumin, onion powder, and a little red pepper flake to taste. Seriously, you can use this with anything. I love it with pita chips...but it's good with veggies or on pita bread as part of a wrap. It's going to add protein and healthy fats to your diet without you eating a bunch of junk. AND IT'S CHEAP!

2) I know it's not the most "clean" thing in the world...but for those that can eat meat: Jerky. It stores really well (ie: won't get gross if stuffed in  your purse, carry-on bag, or left in the car overnight) This will be a quick way to get protein and calories.

3) Homemade granola bars! There are several recipes on the internet so it's hard to decide which ones are best. You can make your own granola (or buy it...) and then make peanut butter granola bars (see, more protein!) I love Heavenly Homemakers so a lot of the recipe links will be from there: Like this one

4) For an easy breakfast item (that actually reheats well) try Mini Crustless Breakfast Quiches  I made these on a whim one morning with sausage and it was AWESOME. I also ate them for lunch THE NEXT DAY and they were still good. It's something you could make the night before and heat up to eat on the way to your plane or work!

5) Cook Ahead! A few weeks back I spent Sunday making a large pot of chili. I then put 1c servings into ziploc bags and froze them. Each day I would take out a couple and thaw them in the fridge (or in warm water if I was REALLY hungry) I'd finish heating it in the microwave. Quick food. Surprisingly, pancakes also survive well in the freezer. I've frozen a few small pancakes, thawed them in the microwave, and then spread peanut butter on them as a quick snack. Bonus if you toss some quick oats in the batter! So many things can be made in bulk (soups, gumbo, etc...) and reheated.

Is that a good start? Share your ideas and tips below!!

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