Friday, September 30, 2011

I Watch Too Many Shows

Boob Tube Babble

Let's see...what did I watch this week?

America's Next Top Model
Okay, many times can they say b**ch in one episode? That was REALLY annoying.

This show is starting to annoy me. I know the producers thought that Redemption Island would change things up...but they need to reboot the entire show or something. It's too predictable now...Russel Hantz was cool when he found the idols, but now everyone is doing it. I mean, why even give clues at this point? Why not just say "There's an idol at camp! GO!!!!"

Please be done soon. The shark has been jumped...

Is anyone still watching this show? Sometimes I feel like the only "fan."

I'm behind...but it still isn't "good" yet.

New Girl
I like the d-bag jar....and did they change characters after the pilot? There was the one black roommate...and now there's a new (also black) guy? I was confused.

2 Broke Girls
The amount of sex references in the first 5mins was overwhelming and I turned it off.


*sigh* Love this show! I really want to know what they're going to do about Peter. He was my favorite character.

Warehouse 13
Also a good show. I'm curious to see where they're taking it.

This next season will be its last...thankfully.

Another one that shot itself in the foot early on. They defeated their main bad guy too early and had to start making stuff up. The show was AWESOME when it was just these two brothers hunting creatures. Yeah, they were looking for the demon that killed their mom...but they came across other stuff along the way. I got to learn a lot of cool folklore. Now it's focused on one thing each season...and it's sort of sacrilegious.

The Big Bang Theory
It's signed on through 2014...with good reason!


  1. I agree about Survivor. I'm not a fan of redemption island... and they do need to revamp the hidden immunity idol thing, for sure!

    Big Bang is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!

  2. i have already stopped watching the ringer...for some reason the first african american guy wasn't in this week's episode but the new guy apparently used to live with was weird though.

    happy friday!

  3. I think I'm the only person who likes Ringer a lot.

    The Wayans brother is gone :( It makes me so sad. I love the Wayans-es! I still love New Girl though :)

    2 Broke Girls gets one more chance from me. Kat Dennings is amazing, but that comedy is so forced!

    Glee is ticking me off. It's really awful this season.

    I haven't watched Big Bang Theory & Fringe because my husband will be home from deployment this week and they are two of our favorite favorite shows!



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