Thursday, September 15, 2011

My morning...

I have to write it down so I don't cry...

I woke up touched out. Laying in bed my skin was crawling while Jonathan nursed on one side of me and Franklin held me in a Half Nelson Hold. Ugh. AND I had to pee.

So we got up...Franklin immediately started asking for Fruit Snacks and freaking out each time I said no. (Those are for special instances...not breakfast.) I ran the gamut of "do you want to eat..." and got a NO, FRUIT SNACKS each time.

Things calmed down with the right show on the computer...for a bit.

I decided to make pancakes. We have milk turning in the fridge (that's the beauty of raw can still use it when it tastes "off") so I wanted to use it wherever I could. Pancakes are fast and easy right?........Right?

Mixing the batter took 5mins longer than it should have because I had a toddler that wanted to help. Why not just let him help? Because his idea of helping is to 1) Stick his fingers in the batter over and over again and spread them everywhere 2) "Stir" the batter...also known as "spoon it everywhere."

I washed the skillet and started it heating up...he was sitting on the couch watching cartoons while the baby played in the pop-up tent. Cool.

He comes back in around pancake #3 and started destroying the already made pancakes. Not eating them, just digging in them with a spoon. I hear the baby fussing in the tent and tell Frankin, "He's stuck, go save him." He runs off......

And then I hear....."Baby pooped!!!"

I think my heart stopped. No, not right now....

I walk over to see poop everywhere. Thankfully (?) it was mostly all over the baby. I scoop him up and run upstairs and drop him into the tub and start rinsing. He stops screaming for the moment. I wash him, drain the tub (That needs to be bleached now) and bring everyone back downstairs to clean up the majority of the mess and save what's left of my pancakes.

I put the baby in his high chair and notice he's still screaming. Well, there's still poop on his hand so that must be it, right? .......Right? Nope, I finally REALLY look at him and notice that there's something in his mouth...yep, HE ATE SOME! I wipe out his mouth (Seriously kid, stop slamming your jaws shut when I'm trying to HELP YOU!!!) and do my best to not gag or scream or just curl up in the corner and cry.

I went over to try to clean up the rest of the mess. The carpet is no big deal...but it was all over the Pop-Up Tent. Did you know there are no washing instructions? You know why? BECAUSE YOU CAN'T WASH IT. Do you have any idea how hard it is to SCRUB one of those things?!

Did I mention that this all went down within 2 hours? I haven't even had coffee yet...


  1. Oh my. This sounds so familiar. So sorry about the "Code Brown." And yes, pancakes SOUND easy, but they're not. Especially when i'm half asleep & distracted!

  2. Well, that's quite a morning! Hope the rest of the day wasn't as disastrous!



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