Friday, October 21, 2011

If I Re-did Reality Shows...

Has it really been a whole week since my last blog? Ugh, sorry about that! We have a teething baby and a toddler with strep! Thankfully we have Advil and antibiotics!!

So, I'm linking up today to talk about TV. Instead of telling you what I watched all week I'm telling you my thoughts on a couple of reality shows...and how I would fix them!

Don't get your hopes up...I edited this...

Top Chef is first on my list of shows that need upgrade. Seriously, I'd be a better cook too with the best knives and top shelf ingredients. $500 at Whole Foods to make ONE dish?!? Can I keep the $300 I don't spend?

I think we need a Moms Edition of Top Chef. A few rules would apply...

- No more shopping strictly at Whole Foods. You'll be given $100 TOPS and forced to choose between the corner grocery store, Farmer's Market, and WF. Most challenges you'll be given $25-$50. (Seriously, who spends more than that per meal for an average family??)

- Some challenges will have odd time constraints. Like, 5mins in you'll have to take 1min breaks every 2mins for 10mins to "break up a sibling fight." Or 10mins in the baby wakes up and you have to cook while holding a doll (and keep that doll safe from knives and splatters)

- You have to make a meal while allowing a toddler to "help" with prep and cooking.

- Challenge: You're assigned to bring treats for a child can't have dairy, one can't have peanuts (which means no nuts ANYWHERE), and one can't have gluten.

- Halfway into cooking a random ingredient gets removed and you have to finish the meal without it...

I think it's MUCH more realistic and entertaining!

Survivor doesn't need realism (although, that *would* be fun too); it mostly needs a face-lift.

- No more clues to the hidden immunity idols. It's understood that one is at your camp. Go find it.

- Hidden immunity idol AT CHALLENGES! This would only work after the merge when the challenges are for individual immunity. You can choose to opt out and go one a search instead of participate in the challenge. You'll each be given a different clue and sent off to look. This would be good for short challenges.

I haven't thought it through as much as Top Chef. I think Survivor is on its way out as a show...or it should be.

What do you think? Would you watch my shows?

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