Monday, October 3, 2011

Phone Pics: Family BBQ (and other stuff)

See all the stuff? Franklin barricaded him in...

Playing with the flash on my phone. It flashes a couple of times before ACTUALLY taking the picture.

Franklin's rash on Day 2 (it got better later)

Notice the shoes. Yes, there was water too.

I salvaged most of it

He was watching me play with vinegar and baking soda

Just a cute kid

Stefan's family's land

Homemade pico de gallo. I only eat it at these gatherings!

One drink option

The other drink option (poorly stored wine...most of it was gross lol)

Cute grasshopper

Cute kid

Nearly naked kid

the lake

When Stefan was a kid the water came up to the pier...they could jump off.

On the hayride

I don't know why...I just thought it was a neat photo to take.

Daddy and son

Crashed out

It was an AWESOME weekend!


  1. Loving the barricade, my bigger girl does that too! The lake looks lovely, seems like you had a nice outdoorsy weekend :)

  2. that homemade Pico looks so good!! And the kiddos are of course adorable too :)



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