Sunday, October 2, 2011

Public Service Announcement

I'm doing this post for the good of THE WORLD.

I had plenty of parties in college. We even had a few loud parties. However, we were always mindful of our neighbors as the hours wore on...the later it got, the more we encouraged people to lower their voices or go home. (Yep, that was the choice: Stop yelling or leave)

My neighbors don't seem to grasp this concept.

Now, I'm not your mother. I don't care how late you stay up or how much you party. By owning a house you have to be at least 18 and, in my mind, an adult. 

However, when it's 2am and I can hear your music in my bedroom over my box fan it means it's too loud. I'm flexible though. I don't start getting pissy about volume until at least midnight. But I'll say again: 2am is too late to be loud. 

Okay, you're right, the law is that unless you're outside being loud or the music is 80 decibels from the street you're allowed to play it as loud as you want. I'm willing to bet that most people would say that human decency "laws" beg to differ.

So, to all my readers, the next time you're having a party be mindful of your neighbors. Go outside your house and see if you can hear the music (or feel the bass) and adjust the volume down if the answer is yes. Not everyone can sleep until noon or nap during the day. 

This has been a Public Service Announcement. You may now return to your regularly scheduled blog.

1 comment:

  1. Ooh what a pain, hope they quietened down. I've been lucky with neighbours... so far. My biggest brother works for a council noise pollution enforcement team in London, he says some of the parties he has to close down are outrageous!



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