Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yesterday's Run

Monday night I did a dumb thing...

I was doing the moves from P90X Chest and Back without the video (I had them listed) I wasn't paying attention to my form and tweaked my neck. I quickly developed a huge knot right at the base of my neck. I took an Advil and went to bed.

Tuesday (yesterday) I woke up sore. I pulled out the Arnica, Tiger Balm, and Advil for the day. By the end of the day I felt almost 100% better and decided to go on my run. I planned to keep it short and easy.

And then I started running...

The burn in my chest and legs felt amazing. I could actually feel the muscles in my back and neck start to RELEASE as I ran. The stress of the day melted off of me with each step. I realized I was running pretty fast and tried to check my pace and actually couldn't make myself slow down.

I walked a bit and came up on one of the steeper hills in my path (my neighborhood is full of them). At that point the chorus for Crossfade's No Giving Up came on and I took it at a dead sprint. I made it halfway up before I slowed to a run to finish it out. The way back is mostly downhill and I took that at an easy run/jog.

I got back and started using the music to calculate how long I'd been out. I hadn't planned on keeping track so I rounded UP a lot (because it felt fair) I had to do the math twice...each time it came out to less than 10mins.

This morning there's still some tension and soreness, but it's the kind that can be expected from working out.

I felt amazing. Can I officially call myself a runner now?

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