Monday, November 14, 2011

I wish someone had told me...

So, I love my kids to death. I really really do! They're hilarious most of the time.

There are a few things I wish someone had told me about being a mom. I opened this thought up to Facebook and now I can't find it!! If you answered on the page please add your thoughts to the comments below!

I wish someone had told me...

- that I'd have bruises on the tops of my feet from my children stepping on's just weird.

- that I'd willingly reach out and catch puke in my hands. 

- that I'd get pooped on and shrug it off...or LAUGH.

- that I'd get peed on weekly.

- that I'd become "that mom" that brings her own kid's snacks to parties. (Hey, food dye and HFCS makes him go NUTS)

- that it would be MY kid screaming "SHUT UP" repeatedly at the top of his lungs at the grocery store.

- that makeup would be a luxury.

- that I would consider a few bites of hotdog a "meal." (For kids or adults)

- that I'd love someone as much as I love my family. ( have to have the sappy entry!)

Comment below!! What things did you not expect as a parent?

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