Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Great dinner...and some updates

From dinner the other night:

I mostly just loved out the plating turned out with this...I'll show you the picture before I really start explaining (because it's prettier than it sounds!)

It looks like some nifty restaurant meal doesn't it? Yeah...that's a hamburger and fries! 
I can't tell you what it was seasoned with because my husband made them! I wasn't privy to the ingredients (he probably wouldn't remember anyway to be honest) 
I sauteed some mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. 
We did sweet potato fries (and one red potato worth of fries). 
The plating started as an accident. I was putting mushroom and tomato on it and it looked so pretty that I went with it! 

See what a little creativity can do?
Where have I been? Why, Kas Fitness of course! I'm still trying to get it up and going so be sure and jump over and check it out (and make my analytics numbers go up and stroke my ego...)

Stefan recently bought a NICE camera. We're starting a little photography biz. It's pretty exciting. I'm hoping that in a few years we'll both just being working our businesses and will be able to dictate our own hours. *sigh* SOMEDAY!
Here's a little bit of what he can do!

Light editing

Some extreme editing (let's play "spot the difference")
So if you or someone you know in the San Antonio area wants/needs photos done (for pretty much anything) head on over to Something More Photography and use the Contact Us button! We're working on a full website so it's just the landing page for now! 

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  1. that photo made me hungry!!..go figure with the pregnancy hormones lol. plating always makes a difference! U can even make everyday food look restaurant quality! i like the photo editing too! its done just right and not over done like some photos. :)



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