Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jonathan is growing...

I don't have any really good pictures so you'll have to check back later :) after I take some!

I will tell  you that Jonathan is growing....a lot. My evidence?

Last night, in the course of 2 hours, Jonathan (11mo) ate:
- At least 1/2cup of cooked rice
- 2 shrimp
- At least 5 Ginger Snap cookies
- 2 full breasts worth of breastmilk

 This morning, in the last 30 mins, he's eaten:
 - An egg and a half worth of scrambled eggs
- Half an oatmeal cookie
- 1 strawberry
- 3-4 raspberries

 ...and he's still hungry.

 Growth spurt much? He's a bottomless pit! He's eaten more than his 2.5yo brother.

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