Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Do You Believe In Magic?

Quote from "Hat Trick" episode. Once Upon A Time

I heard that quote on Once Upon A Time (TV Show) and something about it resonated with me.

Yes, the quote talks about MAGIC. However, you could easily make this about God...

"You know what the issue with this world is? Everybody wants a Godly solution to their problems, but no one wants to believe in Him."

So many times we want God to step in and just FIX our lives but we don't actually believe He can do it. We don't believe that He can find us a job or heal what doctors have said is hopeless. We don't want to just give him our problems because we have to try to help God.

Today I'm going to spend time in prayer giving God my problems. I'll be honest, I'll probably have to start by asking Him to HELP ME let go. Will you join me?

Growing Home

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