Friday, April 6, 2012

Twas 2 Days Till Easter...

...and I have nothing planned!!

Seriously, we usually spend Easter visiting somewhere. We've never "done Easter" just as our own family unit.

Is it weird that I'm a bit freaked out?

This is how I feel inside
We have NO family traditions for this holiday. I'm building them totally from scratch...and it's sort of too late to buy stuff like eggs to hide or baskets right? (Not that they need the candy anyway...I could hide empty eggs and they'd be thrilled)

What are your Easter Traditions? Maybe you'll inspire me!

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  1. Growing up, we ate only food brought to church in a basket and blessed. We did a breakfast brung o ham, kielbosa, colored eggs, a homemeade "egg cheese" (it had some Russian name), beet colored horseradish, and a crudled buttermilk soup. It was me!

    I tried the egg cheese our first few married years but it never came out. We never "spent" Easter with anyone so we have been on our own since 2003. We have done various things....brunch out, brunch with friends, nothing, church, etc.



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