Friday, May 25, 2012

Funny Friday: Week Recap

Having a verbal toddler can be REALLY trying sometimes. (I swear if I get told "No, I can't!!" one more time....) But occasionally he's really hilarious. Here are highlights from my Facebook this week! (By the way, click that and be my friend!)

Franklin found a fly that can't fly...this leads to things like this:
"He just walking, Mommy. Look."
"The fly's walking on me! Look look! He's walking on me"


Franklin just put on a pair of fleece pj pants and is now walking around saying "Whew. It's hot in here. Whew."


I might have made a mistake when I asked Franklin yesterday if the fly was his friend...
Why? Because it's sort of creepy to hear your toddler say, "I gotta kill my friend." 

In other fly news: "He fly up the sky and he come back down and he can die."


It's wayy too early for me to be decoding Franklin speak...
*points at TV* "Mommy, that's sexy crock!"

WHAT? We're watching Veggie Tales.

"Mommy, that's 6 o'clock!!!"

Ohhhhh Where's my coffee??

Friday, May 18, 2012

Just Take The Compliment

Does this sound familiar?

"Your hair looks great today!"
"Thanks. I only had 10mins to fix it."

"I love that shirt!"
"Thank you. I found it in the back of the closet."

"You did great."
"Yeah, but I could have..."


It's called Deflecting. I'm awful about it. I just cannot take a compliment! A friend of mine said she feels like a snob if she doesn't deflect. I can relate. I also feel like I have to immediately compliment the person back or I'm being rude.

So I'm giving myself a Challenge and I want YOU to join me! It's the Just Take The Compliment Challenge! We'll begin Sunday ( is full of nice people!) and "end" on Saturday, but I'm hoping you don't stop doing it.

How do you do it? When someone compliments you you're going to follow these steps:
- Smile
- Say "Thank you" or an equivalent
- Stop Talking

It sounds easy right? So why not join us? Click HERE to join the event on Facebook!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Does This Mean War?

Sigh. By now everyone has heard about the TIME cover with the mom breastfeeding her 3 year old.

I'm not here to talk about that directly...I've said enough on Facebook.

I'm here to talk about Mommy Wars.

Moms know what I'm talking about here. At least, you should. Have you ever felt judged for your parenting choice? Then you've been part of a Mommy War. It's a stupid thing that pits mothers against each other. Stay at home moms against working moms. Home schooling moms against public schooling moms. Breastfeeders against formula feeders (shouldn't we be glad baby was FED?).

There are even factions within each of these. Fellow breastfeeding moms will turn on each other when asked "How old is too old?" Some home schooling parents feel like a certain STYLE of home schooling is superior. Are you a mom that WORKS at HOME? Chances are you've felt slighted by working and non working moms alike.

Why do we do this?

Being a mother is HARD. Making decisions for your child is HARD. I remember not wanting to admit to anyone that I'd weaned my first son at *gasp* 15 months instead of letting HIM decide. I struggle with giving advice about home schooling because my son actually enjoys structured activities and some parents are against that.

We should support each other. We should hold each other up as awesome because we're all in the same Mommy Tribe. But we don't. We judge. We gossip. We turn up our noses at those that parent differently from us when we should embrace differences as a learning experience (even if it's how you DON'T want to do something). We should base our friendships on whether personalities click and not on whether mom pulls out a breast or bottle to feed her child.

TIME, I take offense to the idea that only those that are "Mom Enough" choose attachment parenting. There is no check-list that makes you the perfect attachment parent. I'm not even crazy about the TERM attachment parent. It pushes parents that don't practice out as "not as attached" to their children when, frankly, that isn't the case.

So stop the Mommy Wars. Find something else to disagree about. Parenting is hard enough.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chores On Their Own!

I've written before on chores and listed the chores my son did at the time.

A lot of that went out the window when the new baby was born. (Honestly, a lot of housework did!)

The boys surprised me the other day!

I heard Franklin (3yo) messing around in the dishwasher and I asked what he was doing. His response was "I just cleaning." I came around the corner to find him unloading the dishwasher! I helped him with the high/sharp things but that was it.

The next day he did it again. This time he enlisted the help of his younger brother. He handed Jonathan plastic things to put in the cabinet and showed him how to put the silverware in the drawer. I was BLOWN AWAY.

But he wasn't done!

I'd told him earlier in the day that we needed to clean up the living room if he wanted his dog to come inside to play.

After unloading the dishes he walked into the living room and started putting big things (toys, blankets, etc) on the couch. He called to me, "Help me clean a little bit, Mommy!" So I brought a small trashcan in to help him pick up trash and then I vacuumed. Of course the dog got to come inside to play!

Ack. When did my baby get so big?? Sigh.

And now for cute pictures!

3 years old

16 months

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Making Time For God" is SILLY!

I love Blimey Cow. If you haven't been introduced to this group you're missing out.

They did a video recently on "Making Time For God"... can a humorous video step on your toes?

I love this line: "If you're a Christian and your spiritual life is confined to 15 minutes in the're doing it wrong."

It's true though. How many of us make a resolution to "make more time for God" each year? When did spending time with our Creator become something we had to schedule? We should be spending so much time with Him that we have to pencil everything else in!

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