Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Wisdom on Wisdom Teeth

HA! I'm in the mood for a cheesy title.

Recently I finally got my wisdom teeth removed...a good 10 years after being told I needed them out.

That's right. My teeth were SIDEWAYS in my head. 
The surgery itself wasn't so bad. My advice if you're doing Twilight Sedation? TAKE MUSIC. I put a bunch of music on my phone and popped in a headphone right before I went under. I remember little bits of the surgery (burning from the lidocaine and a few unpleasant sounds) but I mostly remember music. The surgeon and nurses thought it was an awesome idea...so I highly recommend it.

Recovery, on the other hand, was not as a great an experience...

I was prepared for the swelling and general discomfort

My sweet boys.
I wasn't prepared for the bruising.

I swear, officer, it wasn't me in that bar fight.
I also wasn't prepared to get DRY SOCKET.

I did everything right and got it anyway. It turns out, lower impacted wisdom teeth usually get it no matter what you do.

Which means this made up the bulk of my diet for over a week.

No matter how many smoothie recipes you know...you get tired of smoothies. 
I also discovered that this is a discovery I put up there with FIRE for awesomeness and importance.

It tastes like death but it numbs.
I'm finally on the mend. I don't need pain meds like candy. The pain is downgraded to "hurts when it gets poked" instead of "constant throbbing."

That's where I've been the last week and a half. Whew. I'm glad it's over!!


  1. I have the same thing, I think I will wait another ten years.

  2. Oh wow! If you don’t mind, why did you have the wisdom teeth extracted all of a sudden after 10 years? Were they causing trouble, Kasondra? The removal isn’t always necessary except on certain circumstances, like when they’re causing troubles or they pose some harm in the future. Anyhow, I share your sentiments with regards to the recovery stage. It simply feels like being a baby again, when you could’ve eaten all the good food right there and then. >.<

  3. I like that idea! My little sister is quite scared to have her wisdom tooth removed. I’ll recommend it to her, so that she’ll feel comfortable going under the knife. Music can probably keep her calm and help her not to think that there is a surgery happening. Thanks for this idea! ->Cody Zieba

  4. The pictures remind me of what I've gone through the moment my wisdom teeth were removed. My dentist extracted two. I didn't feel much pain during the surgery and I was so grateful to my dentist that time. But I felt a lot of discomfort during the recovery period. It didn't take so long though. I had nothing to do, but to follow my dentist's instruction.



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