Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My VoxBox Reviews

I was given the products to sample and review by the Influenster. :) I am not affiliated with the companies in any way and the reviews in this blog are my own.

I was hungry when I opened the box so I tried the SkinnyGirl bar first.

It was SO YUMMY! I was hesitant at first because of the "coco-nut" title (I don't care for shredded coconut in foods) but it was more sweet peanut butter than anything.
I'm not crazy about the large amounts of soy in them...or the low protein count. It was yummy but not really all that nutritious.

VERDICT: It tastes really good, but I wouldn't order any.

I washed my hair that night and figured it was a good time to try the "Not Your Mother's Texturizing Spray."

It smelled like coconut (I like the smell, not the taste). It was very Pina Colada. I have big waves naturally in my hair and it's currently cut short so I didn't have high hopes for it working in my hair.

I was pleasantly surprised!

VERDICT:  It made my hair smell nice and the waves actually worked. I'd say it would work better if you have longer hair.

Olay Fresh Effects came next.

It's a set that comes with a battery operated scrubber and face wash. It did make my face feel clean and smooth.

VERDICT: Yes, it worked, but I wasn't a fan of how it felt to use it. I can be a bit tactile defensive and the plastic scrubbers vibrating didn't feel good.

Secret Stress Response.

I took this on vacation to Arizona! I used it every day. Normally, I sweat like a pig (seriously, it can be gross) but this really helped.

VERDICT: It kept me dry even walking around in the heat. I didn't have to worry about sweat marks or smell on vacation!

I really really loved the products in this box! I'm excited for my next one.

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