Friday, January 22, 2010

My Proposition

I've been watching reruns of Top Chef in an effort to gain some inspiration for dinner. It hasn't worked. Seriously, who cooks like that everyday? Who just walks in their kitchen and has it fully stocked with fresh everything and every protein known to man? Who has a full kitchen with every cool appliance and pan available?

Freaks, that's who! =)

So, I have a proposition: Top Chef Homemaker Edition!

I was joking about it with Stefan last night and I decided it's a great idea. It would be HARDER than the actual show, in my opinion. Here's the breakdown:

- Instead of lots of money at Whole Foods ($150 for a dish and they're panicked?) I propose you get $50 at your local grocery (or Walmart).

- Quickfire Challenge Idea: The baby just fell asleep. You have 30 minutes to create lunch for yourself with minimal ingredients (leftovers from 2 other dishes for example) 10-15 mins into the challenge they stop you and hand you a bag of flour or potatoes "Baby woke up. Continue cooking while holding this bag of whatever. You may only use one hand at a time."

- At the beginning of the week you're given a set amount of money that you're allowed to spend for that week. You can't spend anymore than that amount. The "Top Chef Kitchen" is stocked with basic (dried) spices, basic milks and cheeses, and other basics like flour/sugar/etc...

- Challenge Idea: It's Super Bowl night. You have $75 to spend at Walmart and you must create 3 dishes and pair them with basic beers.

- Challenge Idea: Birthday party and the entire class is invited. Make a party (including decorations) for 15 kids. One is allergic to nuts and one is gluten intolerant.

See? Much harder AND something that the average person can relate to. I can just hear the moms at home laughing when they stop the challenge because the baby woke up. Or nodding when they're told that they have to be super careful about what to make for a party with a bunch of kids.

I would watch it. Would you?

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