Sunday, January 9, 2011

Birth Photos (mild nudity)

Hanging out after being up all night

Poor sick baby

Salli, my midwife, getting things in order

Enjoying the big tub

My support system!

Franklin wanted to get in too


Dilated to 8cm...seriously

Breathing through it

Ginni, my doula, encouraging me to vocalize

Resting before transition

In transition

Water breaking

Pushing phase

Stefan loves this one. I was elated.

New baby


Checking him out

Bonding moment

Daddy with his newest son

Cuddling in bed

First meal :)

Ginni was awesome

7lbs 12 oz

Good heartbeat

Hanging out with Mama


  1. Amazing! You're such a beautiful momma! I love the picture of you and Stefan right before transition. The one with you holding Jonathan right after the birth is one of my favorites! What an incredible moment... You look so happy. Congratulations on the birth of your son :)

  2. Oh these are great :) You are amazing. I love them! Love the 1st meal too, he looks like a natural.

  3. Wow lady! I know how hard labour is, but you made that look so easy it was almost misleading!

    A beautiful story in pictures, your guys right by your side, and another sweet boy to love.

    Congratulations on a healthy baby, the new house, and your happy growing family.




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