Friday, May 18, 2012

Just Take The Compliment

Does this sound familiar?

"Your hair looks great today!"
"Thanks. I only had 10mins to fix it."

"I love that shirt!"
"Thank you. I found it in the back of the closet."

"You did great."
"Yeah, but I could have..."


It's called Deflecting. I'm awful about it. I just cannot take a compliment! A friend of mine said she feels like a snob if she doesn't deflect. I can relate. I also feel like I have to immediately compliment the person back or I'm being rude.

So I'm giving myself a Challenge and I want YOU to join me! It's the Just Take The Compliment Challenge! We'll begin Sunday ( is full of nice people!) and "end" on Saturday, but I'm hoping you don't stop doing it.

How do you do it? When someone compliments you you're going to follow these steps:
- Smile
- Say "Thank you" or an equivalent
- Stop Talking

It sounds easy right? So why not join us? Click HERE to join the event on Facebook!

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