Wednesday, May 4, 2011



So, I've been trying to keep track of my calories each day. The trouble is...I can't DIET. Breastfeeding means that I need to eat a minimum of 1800 calories a day. Breastfeeding burns an average of 500 calories a day (something like 20 calories for each ounce of milk produced) So, even if I want to net 1800 calories I can EAT 2300 calories...and some days it doesn't feel like enough. I'm truly not eating due to boredom or anything. I'm HUNGRY all the time. Like, really really hungry. So for now I'm focused on being active and making good food choices. I can't worry about numbers right now.
Counting calories is a slippery slope for me. I was bulimic in high school, and at one point it was fairly severe (purging daily and I was down to 115lbs) My average weight at that point was 122lbs...and I always thought it was WAY too much. I exercised for hours each day. I didn't eat more than 800 calories a day (and I kept it under 500 more often than not) Sometimes it's still hard to know that a meal was 500 calories even though that's perfectly acceptable. Because I know this about myself I'm going to stop counting and just try to eat healthy! My son's nourishment is more important than my waistline.


We've been trying to find a church. We've tried SEVERAL in the area. Maybe I'm just too picky. One I didn't like the way the preacher talked (it was distracting), one didn't want me to have my kids in service AT ALL, one was way too long (2 hours minimum), one was okay and we might try again, and the last one there were a couple of things I didn't care for... I have a right to be picky, right? I want a shorter service (an hour would be great), a big enough kids ministry that Franklin is with kids his own age (and not a 0-4 situation), and I want to feel comfortable nursing Jonathan in church. I want a vibrant praise and worship that isn't just a loud concert.


Tomorrow he's being evaluated for a Sensory Processing Disorder. I found this helpful.
 I'm really praying about would explain a lot and be helpful. Why he seems compelled to jump on the couch. Why spankings don't work (he needs a deep touch to really feel it so spankings don't register as a bad thing) Why he hated purees. Etc...


I'm terrible at this lately. My house isn't DIRTY, it's "scattered" to quote my mom. Moxie says that each room in my house is 10minutes away from being clean. (I've sent pictures) It's honestly pointless to put things away during the day because Franklin just yanks them back out....just for the sake of yanking them out. It's frustrating.


Do you follow me on Facebook or Twitter? There are buttons on the right side. We're having a discussion about healthy diet choices for this month. Jump over and log your goals. It's never too late.


  1. Who is evaluating Franklin? Docctors don't knoww mucch about SPD. Heck, I have a degree in clinical psychology and my experience is evaluations and I never heard of it since it isn't in the DSM.

    Early Intervention confirmed that Liam has sensory issues but they don't give diagnosis. Based on his delays, he did qualify for treatment through them. Our base ped was clueless and though Liam was evaluated by a developmental pediatrician, he was basically just looking for autism or ADHD. He diagnosed Liam with PDD-NOS, which is what I hoped for anyway. A diagnosis of SPD doesn't hold any weight with Tricare so I didn't mind getting a more severe diagnosis.

    I am pretty sure that Ben had SPD too. He was evaluated by Early Intervention and again, they don't diagnose but based on his sensory profile, as well as short attention span, he qualified for OT. I am not sure what we'll do when Ben ages out of Early Intervention; we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Ben's base ped wants him to see a developmental ped too, and I worry he'll just diagnose Ben as ADHD, but again, we'll deal with that if it happens.

  2. He's getting evaluated through ECI. I'm just hoping for OT. I refuse to take him on base. He's on Standard for a reason. (And you're saying that they're clueless solidifies my decision) If I need to look for a developmental ped I'll get a referral from Gideon or something.
    Tricare sucks.



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