Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beachbody Challenge (Discounts AND a Chance to Win MONEY!)

You know me. I'm always excited about sales and winning money!!

There are Challenge Packs now available through Beachbody.

If you want a ton of info and have 5mins there's a video here:

If not I'll sum it up...

I'm starting Challenge Groups!

'Challenge Group' is a great way to stay accountable, motivated, and get excellent tips, thoughts,and helpful suggestions along the way! Now, there really are 'no more excuses'....:)
(space will be limited-There will only be 5 spots available in each group)So, call your friends and get them into the group you choose...:)
Message me TODAY if you're SERIOUS about getting YOUR RESULTS!!

We'll be in a group on Facebook to check in and chat. There will be rules...but rules will get results.

Cool huh?

Right now I'm pretty flexible on what groups I'm starting. I would REALLY like to do a couple of groups. Body Gospel is awesome...and I've experienced cool stuff from P90X already. 

~Choose one group:Workout Program along with Shakeology
~Commit to the full program!!
***Purchase your Challenge Pack HERE***
-Click on BEACHBODY CHALLENGE on right side of page- fill out information and that's're in!!

Can't afford it? I feel ya! Economy sucks right now. But you know what's right around the corner? Christmas!!! (and other gift giving holidays if that's not your thing) I'm willing to bet a couple of my readers have birthdays coming up too. Tell everyone to pitch in and get you a Challenge Pack! Think of it like this: A TurboJam CP is 4 people giving $40...that's the price of the average gift right? (I don't know...we did stocking stuffers last year)

Another thing? Buying one as you sign up to coach WAIVES the coach fee. And Shakeology is cheaper even after the coach fee!! 

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