Monday, November 7, 2011

On the Bandwagon...Judge Adams

There's an article (with additional links) here

Before I say anything I'm going to lay down a few rules...

1) This is not a spanking debate. I will not turn this into a spanking debate.

2) This is my OPINION.

3) I'm not playing out the "He said, she said" aspect of this.

4) We are not doing the "I've seen worse" dance. I don't care that your mama used to beat you worse than that so you don't see what the big deal is...just because there's "worse" doesn't make it OKAY.

I'm going to say flat out that I disagree with what he did. He went too far, he broke a cardinal rule of discipline (doing it during anger), and I disagree with spanking teenagers ANYWAY. I believe that, if you choose to spank, there is an age limit (both upper and lower).

I also believe there are more effective ways to discipline a teenager. From what I've gathered this incident was due to her downloading music illegally. Fine, if that's a rule in your house then follow through. I've also gathered that this was not the first time she'd done something like this...

Then why is there still a computer in her room? (It's obvious at the start of the video) If she can't control herself with her computer then why does she still have it? That would have been my FIRST reaction: Remove Computer! There's also software you can install that prevents downloading ANYTHING without authorization. Install that on your public computer.

If she STILL can't follow the rules lock the computer and put a time limit on the access...or cut off access totally. No, no one NEEDS the computer.

Does she have a cell phone? Take that away! TV time? Nope! Friends? Nope!

Seriously, spanking is not the way to go with teenagers! There are better ways to make things stick...

Okay, those are my initial thoughts. Care to share?

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