Monday, March 15, 2010

If you think you're getting away I will prove you wrong

"Murder on the Dancefloor" by the way

Let's kick off Monday the right way!

The time change has SCREWED ME UP. It's almost 10am? No!!! My morning is almost over already. Stupid time change. Ben Franklin, this is a punishable sin.

Of course, we have the basic stuff to get done today:
- Dishes
- Laundry
- pick up baby toys
- Kitchen

I've also made "chore cards" for myself. I took a stack of index cards and put a chore on each one. It could be a basic chore (like one of the above), the name of a room (master bath, guest bedroom, etc...), or have a single task on it (wipe 5 surfaces, sweep, organize one drawer, declutter one room, go through one box in storage, etc...) Basically, anything that needs to be done in the house. I'm pretty much on top of the housework (for the first time in MONTHS) so I find myself standing around going, "Now what?" too often. That's where the cards come in. After getting the basics done ( or my list of MUST DO) I shuffle the cards and flip one over. After completing the task I either 1) Do another (if it was a short and simple one like sweep or dust) or 2) Take a short break (for longer tasks like organize a room) If I've already done it (a daily task) or can't do it for some reason (I can't declutter the guest room because I don't have the space in storage) then I flip the next card.

Go clean!

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