Monday, February 14, 2011

HTCI: Creative Solutions

As I work through modeling my home after "The House That Cleans Itself" I'm coming up with solutions to a few problems. Here's what we have so far:

Problem: Losing keys, sunglasses, ID, important mail

Cause: It gets tossed wherever there is room.

Solution: Give it a place! We bought a small decorative plate to house keys and wallet (It's just big enough for these items! Anything larger would accumulate STUFF). We also got a long basket (it's a silverware sorter actually) for mail. Again, it's just the right size.
You can also see where we decided to keep fruit in plain view.
Problem: Shoes all over the floor. And if you've never kicked a pair of Stefan's boots let me tell you: IT HURTS! Franklin also picks up shoes and walks off with them. This makes it very hard to leave the house on time some days.

Cause: Again, tossed wherever.

Solution: Cabinet locks. Under the above space there is a single cabinet space. I put one of the sticky locks and now we can take off our shoes, store them, and grab them quickly to leave.

Problem: Stefan has several things he has to remember to pack when he wears his dress blues on Mondays. (hat, shoes, belt, etc...) These things were getting lost during the week and that caused major frustration on Sunday nights. (We would spend our "together time" searching the apartment/house for these items)

Cause: Hint...there's a theme here...

Solution: I hung a regular grocery bag on a hanger in the downstairs closet. Now, when he gets home he just takes these things off and puts them in the bag and they're ready for the next wear!

Stay tuned as we keep going!


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