Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Week in Clean(ish) Eating

This week I entered a challenge to eat "clean" for 5 days. The rules were simple:
- If you're watching your calories stay within your calorie goal (I wasn't so this was no issue)
- Limit processed foods
- Drink plenty of water

What defined a "clean" diet was up to the individual. I chose to keep my carbs low and eat minimally processed foods.

By Wednesday I had the mother of all headaches...and I just felt SICK. I was totally detoxing from all of the crap in my body.

I did okay on my eating. We ate out once in the five days (but it was a sandwich place not a burger joint...and I think I made decent choices)

I've been craving pizza (thin crust, sausage, mushroom, LARGE) and chips and dip. Ugh.

I'll confess. I don't like to eat healthy. Really. I enjoy the way it makes me feel and I KNOW it's the best decision. But if you ask me, honestly, which I prefer when presented with a slice of pizza or a bunch of steamed broccoli? I'll choose pizza 90% of the time. (There are times when I WANT that broccoli) Junk food just tastes good. Carbs make me feel happy...until I look at my waistline. It's a fact of life: Junk Food Is Addicting.

This week I'm going to keep a closer eye on what I'm eating and clue you in to some of the choices that I make. Like last night we had Chicken Quesadillas. Instead of just loading mine with chicken and cheese I took an extra 10mins to chop onion, mushroom, and spinach and saute them until soft. I seasoned them up nice and spicy and added THAT to my quesadilla. I used minimal cheese, less chicken than in my husband's, and cooked it all in raw butter.

What junk food meal would you like to see done more healthy?

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  1. I'll eat healthy if someone comes to fix it for me! LOL! I despise cooking, baking, chopping. Processed foods are so convenient unless your eating raw fruits and veggies. Next year I hope my gardening skills will assist me in the latter. Garden fresh always taste better! Until then I do the best I can. I'm going to take that 10min add on and saute for my next quesadilla.



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