Friday, September 23, 2011

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If you haven't watched then don't read...I'm not responsible for spoilers.

Hell's Kitchen FINALE
Meh, I'm kind of over the show. It's not interesting any more. It's a bunch of chefs that are stuck on themselves getting knocked down a few pegs...that was fun for a few seasons and now it's just old.

I'm really getting burnt out on reality shows. It's just the same thing season after season. At least when Russel was on (his first time) he was original...and that Physics teacher that won that season was awesome too. No one sticks out for me this season.

America's Next Top Model
It hasn't become a drama fest yet. I'll be glad when Alexandria leaves. She's just as whiny as before. I'm sad that Laura has become a background piece. They rarely give her camera time. I like her.

*sigh* I'm going to say something that will get me kicked out of every Buffy circle on the planet....
Sarah Michelle Gellar just isn't that great an actress.
There, I said it, and you can stone me if you want...but it's true. It's Buffy without the hardcore butt kicking.

Blue's Clues
My son loves this show and I almost regret introducing it. There's an episode where Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper let Steve and Blue take care of their "kid" Paprika...I decided several things during that episode:
- Steve is an idiot...or has the worst vision ever.
- I should have called CPS...Steve was put in charge of a kid and had to ask OTHER KIDS what to do?
- Steve, the only people that write you ARE YOUR FRIENDS!!! My 2 year old knows that! Stop being surprised.

I'm over it. SO OVER IT. The first season was cute and silly and each season it gets more and more sexual. I take issue over "high school" girls gyrating around like hookers. Yes, I know that girls "really dance like that" but it doesn't mean I want to watch it.

Modern Family
Cute I guess. It's not my favorite show. It does make me giggle from time to time.

I haven't watched CSI (any of them), Big Bang Theory, or Supernatural (it comes back SOON!!!!!) but those will be on the list soon enough.


  1. I LOVE MODERN FAMILY!!!!! totally is MY fave!

  2. my nephew LOVESSSSS blues clues too :)

    i agree with your comment about SMG, although ringer is sort of intriguing to watch.

    happy tv watching!

  3. I love Top Model! I haven't seen any of this season yet, but I was excited that it was bringing back old people. Very cool!

    Thanks for linking up with us!



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