Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Toddler and Baby Updates!

Lovin' on his Monkey

All of the previous updates are in italics and the new stuff is in bold.
Words he says:
- uh oh
- aww man!
- pe-ew (like something stinks)
- duh (dog)
- book
- booger
- mama
- dada
- good bye (when he thinks no one is listening)
- block (bah)
- milk (muh)
- HI!!!
- monkey (muh nuh)
- ball

- blue (boo)
- Yellow (yeyo)
- Juice (a high pitched: joo)
He signs:
- more
- eat/want
- milk
- music
- bath
- shoes
- socks
- water
- go (like go out)
- love
- bed (bedtime) We're still working on this one...
- all done
- apple
- brush teeth
- bread

- baby
- potty
He can identify (when asked):
- yellow
- head
- ears
- belly
- penis (he kept pointing so we told him what it was called)
- fingers/hand
- toes
- nose (sometimes)
- booty (Daddy taught him this one) 

- blue
- red
- he can blow a kiss, give a real kiss, and a hug
- he also waves and says "bye bye"
and waves hello
- I didn't realize it, but screwing lids on and off is apparently an advanced skill...he's been doing this for months now.
- He can stack 11 blocks high. He can probably stack more but he can't reach and the carpet won't allow for stacking. 

- If you ask him what a bird says he'll tell you "tee tee tee" (tweet tweet tweet)

He also understands "no" and can follow instructions like, "Give your bottle to Daddy" if he asks for milk and Daddy is in the kitchen.
The other day I told him "I'm going to open the stove and it's going to be hot. Can you stand back?" and he walked over to the safe spot I taught him (behind and out of the way) and stood and waited for my okay.

-He loves to help out with the baby. He will give nice touches when the baby is crying, help me pat him to burp, and throw away dirty diapers for me.
-He's started sleeping in his own bed at night. Granted, he isn't always alone (Daddy sleeps down there when Franklin gets upset) but he does spend a good part of the night in it all by himself.
- He loves fruit and veggies and has been eating 30 Days RAW with Daddy (well, 80% of his diet has been raw...he eats cooked food with me on occasion)

Jonathan Update?
-He gained a pound in the past week and a half (which meant we didn't have to clip his tongue tie!) -He's awake and alert for longer each day and still sleeping well at night (Praise God for that one!)

And now some photos!
Eating some of Daddy's salad

Sleeping through dinner (he ate beforehand)

Good smiles

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