Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Feelin' Feminine Day 1

So...forgive the horrid picture quality. I did it myself (again!)

And I know the challenge specifies "head to toe" but I'm barefoot and would have had to zoom out too far just for you to see my paint chipped toes!

Full Disclosure: I may end up taking the overshirt off if it gets too hot in the house today...but the tank top wasn't appropriate for this challenge so I'm wearing it for now. (And I don't plan on leaving the house today)


  1. Thank you! I almost wish I had somewhere to go!!

  2. Weird it says 0 opinions, but I clicked on it and there we were (our conversation lol) I haven't been getting the updates like I usually do on my google page. And I am jealous of how good you look! (and how white and sparkly your bathroom looks)

    That's the guest bathroom! It never gets used!!

  4. still! unused bathrooms still get dirty (or at least they do here in NYC) those walls look scrubbed to the core. I'm sorry, I just can't do that kind of scrubbing :(

  5. I have never once scrubbed those walls. I think that they just don't get dirty...maybe the air is different?

  6. probably. In NYC you could dust the shit out of everything and in a day it would all be back. I scrub the shower when Im in it lol.



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