Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LOVE your house Day Two

So, here we are on day two of learning to love our homes! Did you apply step one yesterday? I'll be the first to admit that I did not! However, we're sick so I'll probably catch up this weekend.

What's in store for Day Two? Another easy one: Give something away. This needs to be a big ticket item. A lamp, a chair, an end table, etc... Just last week I gave away this horrid corner TV stand. I held on to it because it was free and sort of useful. However, when the baby became mobile I cleaned it out and it just SAT in the corner like that lonely kid at recess. So, I gave it a new home. The woman that took it was VERY grateful and I felt good that I didn't just throw it away.

What are you giving away this week?


  1. any ideas as to how to find a recipient?

  2. I'm going to fudge and say I did this...even though it was last month. ;) I got rid of a futon that was our first "couch" but had served its purpose and was just taking up a lot of space in the office/playroom. I'm much happier with the room now... so much more space!

    Daniella, I emailed a friend whose sister was about to get married, but if she hadn't wanted it I would've put it on Freecycle. :)

  3. I donated 2 huge bags of toys that I had from a previous job, and stuffed animals that were cluttering my place and donated them to an organization. I regularly weed through my closets and give clothes I no longer wear to a thrift shop down the block.



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