Saturday, February 6, 2010

LOVE Your House Feb 6th

Because it's Saturday, and most people have more time/help on Saturday, we're doing something a big bigger!

I want you to Get Rid of Clutter in an Hour or Less today. Set aside one hour (break it up if you want) and go for it!

It's a bunch of really simple, quick things. Basically, you're going to go through your house and get rid of trash and JUNK! This is a great task to have kids help. Play "What doesn't belong?" and get them to help find things the proper home!

(Again, not my house)


  1. That house should be on the show Hoarders

  2. I had my mom helping me last night and we did this... :)

    I challenged my younger siblings to see who could find the most pairs of socks in the odd sock basket. I offered a prize, and they were so motivated they were wrestling over the laundry basket! :)

    That kept them busy and helpfully occupied while my mom and I organized other things. My loft is sooooo much cleaner!

  3. I typed "hoarders" into the Google Images search!

    Natalie: That's AWESOME.

  4. That's funny! I called it! :) Love that show. It makes my apt feel clean :)

    I just did a very haphazard de-clutter.

    Just walking around, threw a bunch of things out. I love throwing things out, maybe a little too much!



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