Friday, February 26, 2010

Welcome back to the age of jive!

That's right. I like older music. (That's a line from Billy Joel's It's Still Rock and Roll To Me) It's on my cleaning music list.

So, I've got the coffee going. Got a list workin'. And ready to bust some clutter butt!

First, I have to brag on my son. He's 10 months and is, by far, the cutest kid on the planet.
Don't argue.

Anyway, the hubby and I were planning on trying to conceive again in a few months. (Well, starting to not worry about it either way) I wanted Franklin to be introduced to the potty because, well, the thought of starting potty training at 3 (the "usual" age) was overwhelming. We use cloth diapers so that helps A LOT. This child hates being wet. When he was younger he would scream like he was being tortured; now he whines and tugs on you to let you know "Hey, something is NOT cool around here." I like that. Disposable diapers are really good at pulling moisture away, but they're too good at it. I believe that most children don't know what it really feels like to be wet until they start potty training. 
The AAP will tell you that you shouldn't introduce potty training until at least 2 years old. Whatever. I know women that do Elimination Communication (infant potty training) from birth and are totally successful in getting their child out of diapers really early. (Sometimes as early as 12 months) It all depends on what you consider "potty training." The ability to stay dry and use somewhere other than your pants? Or the ability to walk in, undress, wipe, etc...? Well duh the latter isn't possible until the child is older. I, however, view it as the former. So we bought a potty chair (we really like the Baby Bjorn "throne" style one) and I've been offering it whenever I can. I offer it right after he wakes up (in the morning and after each nap) and if I can catch him pooping. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I don't stress. It's mostly to just introduce the idea of "You can go somewhere else." 
So, the bragging: The past few mornings we've started by sitting on the potty chair. And each time he's peed in it! (He usually pees in a diaper AGAIN 15-20mins later...but whatever) And yesterday I caught him pooping and set him on the chair and he finished his poop in the chair! That's right, my 10 month old can use the potty. Be amazed! 

Okay, digression over.
What's on my list today? More freaking laundry. I thought I was almost done (I had enough for a single load. It was awesome) and then I walked the house and gathered dirty laundry.... And I was back to square nothing. So, insert a huge sigh.

- Put away clean laundry

- Fold laundry

- More laundry (I think this is going to be my Sisyphean task...there, you learned a new word today!)

- Sheets if I can

- We got our new furniture moved in yesterday so I need to utilize my new storage space! (which means decluttering the closet)

- Make packing list

- Vacuum the pantry/cupboards (This is going to be on here forever)

 - I have some emails to write

- Quick "once over clean" around the house
So, today isn't that bad. It's funny. Yesterday's list was huge and I got going around 8:30am and worked really hard...and was finished with most of it by 12 noon. I ended up bored for the rest of the afternoon! I'll probably take it a bit slower today. I mean, I like being able to say "I got everything done" but I don't like being bored.


  1. Yay for potty successes! :) And I hear you on the laundry... I figure if once a week, both hampers are empty, that counts as staying on top of it. Ditto with the dishes... if even once every week ALL dishes are done, then I'm on top of the kitchen. Not having a dishwasher means I can't procrastinate too much, though, or it turns into a giant mountain. Like yesterday, but my sweet husband washed some yesterday which gave me the motivation to wash a bunch more so today I hope to get them ALL clean at once... :)

  2. I thank God everyday for my dishwasher. It makes the kitchen that much easier. I've accepted that laundry is never ending. *sigh*



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