Thursday, February 11, 2010

LOVE Your House Feb 11th

This will be the last installment for the weekend. I'm headed out of town so I'm taking a brain break from EVERYTHING (I'm even turning off my phone!) So it's kind of a weekend task.

Get a Second Opinion.

Basically, have a friend (or total stranger if you're bold) change something in your house. Nothing major! Don't knock out a wall or paint something black just because So-And-So told you to! Use common sense. Let them suggest moving a piece of furniture or get rid of an old knicknack that doesn't quite fit. Trade something with them. Give something to them. Let them give something to you. Or have them come help you clean!

Don't have any friends in the area you can invite over? Take a picture of the area in question and post it online to get opinions. Email the photo to someone and get their thoughts on the space.

Sometimes all you need is another set of eyes looking at the problem!


Have a safe and happy weekend!

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