Friday, February 19, 2010

LOVE Your House Feb 19th

So, I'm sick. This makes several days in a row. Ugh, this winter has been a season of one cold right after another for me. I got a stomach bug right before Christmas and it's like I can't just get WELL. I even started taking vitamins!

*sighs* Anyway!

Today I want you to Clean Something That Rarely Gets Cleaned!

You know the floor behind the toilet? Out of sight, out of mind? Not today! Turn off your ceiling fan. Are you growing a carpet up there? Do you usually scrub the outside of your toilet? (Trust me, it needs it!)

Additional Challenges:

- Spend 30mins cleaning anything

- Walk through your house with a small trash bag (grocery bags work the best) and throw away at least 5 things (bonus points if you throw away more)

- Walk through the house with a damp cloth and wipe down as many surfaces as possible

1 comment:

  1. The office. *shudder* Including under the computer table. *double shudder*

    On the plus side, it is not only cleaner now, it is much more babyproofed! :)



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