Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some Kind Of Sunday

Today was quite the day for cleaning. I got my wonderful husband in on the fun! We busted butt today. I took before and after photos to prove it! I'll put up the list along with the photos for each room.


This was one of the cleaner rooms in the house. Scared yet? LOL
- Wipe counters and appliances
- Sweep floor
- Vacuum pantry (you can't see it...but it was full of dead ants)
- Dishes
- Declutter

Much better.


- Wipe toilet, sink, tub
- Sweep floor
- Clean mirror
- Declutter
- Organize closet

(Photos to come. The sheets are still washing so it's not finished.)
- Strip bed and wash sheets
- Declutter
- Vacuum
- Wipe windows
- Dust

I was hesitant to even post was SO BAD
- Fold Blankets
- Pick up floor (a large task)
- Vacuum
- Declutter
- Laundry (that first photo has clean laundry all over the table and floor)
So, it's not perfect, but it's much much better. The middle photo has clean diapers on the table...they haven't been put up yet. (That last one is Daddy and Franklin watching Red Dwarf )

We also got some light grocery shopping done, paid bills, and got some stuff for the trip.

You'd think I'd be done for the week right? You'd be wrong!
- Clean guest bathroom (it barely gets used so it's a quick wipe down)
- Pre-pack
- More laundry (It never ENDS)

So YAY for cleaning days! And thanks for letting me share my home with you!
 Like I'd close the blog without a shot of the cute kid!

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