Friday, February 5, 2010

LOVE Your House Feb 5th

We've almost made it an entire week! Wow, right? Let's trudge on, shall we?

Today I want you to clean something until it shines. FlyLady recommends shining your sink every single night so you wake up to a clean sink. Personally, that doesn't always work for me. Sometimes I have the dishwasher loaded to the max and there's still a pot or two left. Besides, waking up to a shining sink while the rest of the kitchen is wrecked doesn't really do it for me. Now, if I clean the ENTIRE kitchen and wake up to a shining KITCHEN I feel great. Maybe your thing is the bathroom (that runs a close second for me). Maybe you love it when your dining table is gleaming and decorated. Is it a clean mirror? Or watching the sun shine through clean windows?

Take the day to think about it. Walk around your house and see what FEELS like it needs a good shining.

No, that's not my house! I wish it were, that's a gorgeous window!


  1. My piano is the focal point of our living room, so today I dusted it really well and it looks great. I like a shiny sink, but really that isn't what makes or breaks things for me. :)

  2. I can't clean my windows well. They are old, and double sided, so theres dirt trapped between them. I would have to pay the super to take them down and clean them.



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